A Natural Approach To Ranching

Murray Grey beef cattle is our choice of breeds to raise for grass fed beef products.  Our goal is feeding families a healthy and flavorful food item that has been raised on our grass as well as other locally produced feeds.  This delivers a complete diet as well as providing them with loving care and respect.

Focused on their 7000 acre ranch, Don & Sue Ramsay attend to a mother cow herd of over 250 head.  They background their calves after they are weaned in their own feedlot.  They also grow and harvest their own hay for feeding to their herd.  They refrain from using chemicals for weed control except on a spot spray basis.  They use all natural “Sea Mineral” as both a soil amendment to both their irrigated hay ground and to their dryland pastures as well as feeding it free choice to their livestock.  Sea minerals have all 62 basic elements that support life and is safe for all forms of life.

From frogs, song birds, eagles, hawk and falcon’s, ducks and geese; doe’s with fawns and antelope with kids, badgers with kits and coyotes with pups; all wildlife benefits from this all natural form of supplemental salt with minerals.  All life that consumes it, either directly or indirectly, receives health benefits that stay with it for the rest of its life.

The same applies to our cow/calf herd.  The mothers have it available to them at all times and teach their babies to consume it shortly after birth.  Little heads are bobbing up and down as they take small mouthfuls of it and work it around in their mouths with their little tongues.  Once in their stomachs it makes its way into their blood stream nourishing every bone and muscle in their small bodies.  Since all young do not have much of an immune system they depend on what they consume to provide them with the protection from diseases that lay dormant in the soils until it is consumed by grazing animals.  Animals, domestic or wild, can fight off the challenge of routine diseases when their immune systems are maximized through good nutrition and all natural supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Please visit www.remondnatural.com to learn the facts about sea minerals.

Folks on a Mission

To provide a tasty and tender portion of healthy red meat that excites the taste buds and satisfies the palate.

Most young cattle are weaned at about 6-7 months of age.  Then they are placed into a feedlot and fed a ration of fiber, carbohydrates and protein until they reach a weight range at which time they are harvested.  Most people have no idea what calves are fed or how they are handled if they become ill.  Stress is the key instigator of sickness in all animals.  Stress can be caused by long journeys to feed lots a thousand miles away from their original home.  Stress can come from receiving a myriad of vaccinations meant to give them added health protection but instead gives them a mild fever and sore muscles—just like when we receive a vaccination.  Stress can come from being fed a whole new diet that they have never eaten before or from being pushed around just a little too much by other calves in the feedlot pens.  Stress, in any form, can make you feel lousy and ripe for a bad bug to make you feel even worse.

All of the above is why we feel that our goal of feeding and finishing our calves here on our ranch is so important.  They stay at a place that they know.  They eat food they are familiar with.  They are with their calf mates and they have not been on extremely long truck rides without food or water for extended periods of time.  In other words, they feel good and they stay healthy.  If you could see them when they are being frisky in the feedlot you would venture to say they are very happy here at Livingood Ranch.