Our Choice of Breeds

Murray Grey beef cattle is our choice of breeds to raise for grass fed beef products.  Our goal is feeding families a healthy and flavorful food item that has been raised on our grass as well as other locally produced feeds.  This delivers a complete diet as well as providing them with loving care and respect.

History of Murray Grey Beef Cattle

Originating along the Murray River in Australia the mating of a particular Black Aberdeen Angus bull with a particular Milking Shorthorn cow always produced a very gentle medium grey calf.  The owners of the cow and bull kept many of their offspring as they were so easy to be around and to work with.  Murry Grey’s have always appealed  to women.  The easy going temperament minimizes a mother’s fear of injury to her husband and children when they are working with the cow herd.  Murray Grey’s, being a very curious breed, are more likely to be standing nearby looking closely at what you are doing in their pasture rather than trying to run you over.  Murray Grey’s are the gentle builders of Beef!

Livingood Ranch beef is USDA certified.